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 Compañía Vinícola Solterra

Compañía Vinícola Solterra began production in 2003 with the release of its "Alto de los Zorros" Brand. In 2006 they acquired Agro Roa along with its 32 hectares.


Today the winery has 44 hectares of vines, largely planted to Tempranillo. They also have one hectare of Syrah and two hectares of Viognier. The average age of their vines is 45 years old. Julio Frutos Santirso is the winemaker.

Alto de los Zorros Crianza 2014

Ex-Cellar Price: 6.90 €/ bt

Alto de los Zorros Autor 2014

Ex-Cellar Price: 10.90 €/ bt

Alto de los Zorros 10 Meses 2017

Ex-Cellar Price: 4.90 €/ bt

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For more information, or to request samples please contact Sue Harris.

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