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Palacio de Villachica

The Palacio de Villachica Ribera project was first formed in 2017 by a group of three friends passionate about Tempranillo. After a few years of research and exploration, they settled on Peñafiel, and built a small winery there in 2019.


Rafael García is the technical director, Pedro Arranz the winemaker and Daniel del Río is the viticulturist. Palacio de Villachica’s vineyards are made up of 34 tiny old parcels spread across five villages in some of the highest altitudes of Ribera. The total hectarage is 28 hectares, and each parcel has been carefully selected for the high quality of its fruit. The team works very closely with their growers to ensure the vines are farmed organically and the old parcels are kept in the best viticultural condition. 

Palacio de Villachica Crianza 2017

Ex-Cellar Price: 11.86 €/ bt

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For more information, or to request samples please contact Sue Harris.

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