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Established in 2015, Bec Hardy Wines is a family-owned wine business based in McLaren Vale, South Australia. Bec is a 6th generation member of and the first female vigneron from one of Australia’s oldest wine families, the Hardys.

Bec Hardy Wines offers a modern twist on 170 years of winemaking heritage.


The Story

The Hardy name has been synonymous with South Australian wine since the 1850s and Bec Hardy continues that tradition, building on the experience and reputation of her predecessors.

Bec’s family has been tending vineyards in the premium maritime region of McLaren Vale since her great-great-great grandfather, Thomas Hardy, arrived from the UK in 1850. Thomas was the region’s first settler and is widely regarded as the father of the South Australian wine industry.

In 2020, Bec and her husband Richard acquired the 40-year old Pertaringa brand from her father Geoff. Bec was soon elected to the board of Nature Foundation, the largest conservation landowner in South Australia (and the third largest in Australia).

In June 2021, Bec was recognised as one of South Australia’s finest young business people at the annual ‘40 under 40’ Business Awards.

In 2021, Bec Swincer joined as winemaker. Bec has over 20 years of winemaking experience covering Australia, France and the US.

: In 2016, Bec and Richard purchased the Tipsy Hill Estate in the Blewitt Springs subregion of McLaren Vale. The property became the home of Bec Hardy Wines, featuring an award-winning vineyard and one of South Australia’s most famous private gardens.

This property is only 2km away from Bec’s great-great-great grandfather Thomas Hardy’s first vineyard acquisition in McLaren Vale, the Tintara Vineyard. The sandy soils in this area are some of the oldest soils in McLaren Vale and the cooler climate of Blewitt Springs is favourable for growing premium quality grapes. 

In 2022, Bec and Richard purchased a second vineyard, the Lot94 vineyard next door to their Tipsy Hill property.

Today, the Bec Hardy range is made from fruit grown at Tipsy Hill and Lot94, as well as sourced from well-established local growers. The wines are made in a fresh, youthful style, ranging from entry-level to premium.


Bec Hardy Range


Pertaringa Traditional Range

Pertaringa was established by Bec's dad Geoff Hardy in 1980 after he left the family company, Hardys, to begin his own venture.

The Pertaringa range of wines are made from premium McLaren Vale fruit, including from Bec's Tipsy Hill and Lot94 vineyards, benefitting from both the ocean breezes and air descending from the hills above. The original cellar door is located in the south-eastern foothills of the region, and the name Pertaringa literally translates as “belonging to the hills”. 

The team use predominantly organic products and adopt integrated pest management practices in the vineyard. All blocks are picked, crushed and fermented separately. Each batch is treated individually with techniques such as whole bunch, cold soak, separation of pressings and varying oak treatments. With the final aim to produce wines that display their true varietal characters.

Pertaringa wines are renowned in Australia for being some of the most premium examples coming out of McLaren Vale.

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