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Wineries represented in the UK

Alpha Estate

Region: Amyndeo/Macedonia

Alpha Estate, founded in 1997 by Viticulturist Makis Mavridis and Chemist-Oenologist Angelos Iatridis, is situated in the heart of the PDO region of Amyndeo, where Xinomavro reigns. The privately owned 220 hectares of vineyards follow the rules of sustainable viticulture while the gravity flow winery is designed to apply the minimum possible stress to the raw material.

Imported by Hallgarten & Novum Wines and Maltby & Greek

Alpha Estate.jpeg

Artemis Karamolegos Winery

Region: Santorini

Although the Artemis Karamolegos winery was officially founded in 2004, the Karamolegos family has a winemaking tradition that stretches back to 1952. It is the third largest winery in Santorini, producing a range of wines using indigenous grape varieties, predominantly Assyrtiko.

Imported by Amathus Drinks and Woodwinters Wines & Whiskies



Region: Peloponnese


Cavino was founded in 1958 on the slopes of Aegialeia in the Peloponnese, and includes a winery in Patra and the Mega Spileo Estate. Their main vineyard is located on a plateau above the picturesque Vouraikos Canyon planted with Mavro Kalavritino, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Lagorthi, and Assyrtiko.

Imported by Kingsland Drinks 


Diamantakos Winery

Region Naoussa/Macedonia

In 1978, the Diamantakos family purchased a winery in the heart of Naoussa. Today it is run by third-generation family member George Diamantakos. The vineyards are planted on limestone and schist soils, and the winery predominantly focuses on the indigenous varieties Xinomavro and Preknadi.  


Imported by Clark Foyster Wines 


Domaine Skouras

Region: Nemea/Peloponnese


Domaine Skouras was established in 1986 by Dijon-trained winemaker, George Skouras, whose name became synonymous with the emblematic Megas Oenos, a blend of Agiorgitiko and Cabernet Sauvignon.


The new Skouras winery is located in Malandreni within the zone of Nemea, the largest PDO red wine region of Greece.


Imported by Eclectic Wines 


Estate Argyros

Region: Santorini

Established in 1903, Estate Argyros is the largest vineyard owner on Santorini with more than 120 hectares of ungrafted vines, between 70-200 years old. The focus is mainly on Assyrtiko. Since 2004 the winery is run by 4th generation winemaker Matthew Argyros who built a new winery in 2015 in Episkopi.

Imported by Clark Foyster Wines


Greek Wine Cellars

Region: Central Greece


Greek Wine Cellars, formerly known as Kourtaki Wines, is a historic wine producer in Markopoulo, just a few kilometres outside of Athens.


The company was first founded in 1895 by Vassili Kourtakis, one of the first Greeks to gain a diploma in Oenology. It produces several brands: Kourtaki, Apelia, Calliga, and Kouros.

Imported by Aspris & Son 


Hatzimichalis Estate

Region: Central Greece


Located in Central Greece, in the Atalanti Valley, Domaine Hatzimichalis is run by its founder Dimitris L. Hatzimichalis and his two sons Leonidas and Panagiotis. They own 220 hectares of vineyards, capitalising on the ideal microclimate of the cool breezes of Mount Parnassus and the Euboean Gulf of the Aegean Sea.

Imported by The Oxford Wine Company Ltd, Marathon Food Ltd and Agora Greek Delicacies


Ktima Biblia Chora

Region: Macedonia


Ktima Biblia Chora is the brainchild of two talented winemakers, Vangelis Gerovassiliou and Vassilis Tsaktsarlis. Both men earmarked a promising site for a new vineyard in 1998 and went on to create today’s established Greek wine estate.

On the slopes of the Pangeon Mountain range in Kokkinochori, Kavala that they shaped Ktima Biblia Chora, a state-of-the-art winery encircled by its own privately owned, organic vineyard which now stretches over 65 ha.

Imported by Hallgarten & Novum Wines and Cava Spiliadis 


Ktima Pavlidis

Region: Drama/Macedonia


Founded in 1998, Ktima Pavlidis is nestled in a unique northern Greek valley, surrounded by mountains that create a cool microclimate ideal for providing the optimal balance between sugar levels and acidity in the grapes. They own 80 hectares of vineyards on red clay and marly limestone soils, where they use sustainable practices. Believing in terroir-driven wines, they craft whites and reds with exceptional balance and aromatic character. 

Imported by The Greek Delicatessen Ltd

Ktima Pavlidis Winery.jpg

Monemvasia Winery

Region: Laconia/Peloponnese


Monemvasia Winery was founded in Monemvasia, Laconia in 1997 by George and Elli Tsimpidis with the goal to revive the historic Malvasia-Monemvasia wines and terroir.  The first years were devoted to the study of native varieties and experimental vinifications. Today the winery owns 30 hectares of organic vineyards.


Imported by Hallgarten & Novum Wines 


Nico Lazaridi Wines

Region: Drama/Macedonia


Founded in 1987, Nico Lazaridi is a leading Greek winery known for its role in developing the Drama wine region. The contemporary Château Nico Lazaridi Winery, established in Agora in 1997, spans 650 acres and crafts wines in PGIs Drama and Agora, whilst the Mackedon Winery, established in 2000 near Mount Pangeon, creates modern wines under PGIs Pangeon and Macedonia. Today, they produce over 1,300,000 bottles annually, exporting to 21 countries worldwide.

Imported by The Greek Delicatessen Ltd


Orealios Gaea

Region: Cephalonia


Orealios Gaea have over 300 vine growing members, on the island of Cephalonia, which sits between the Ionian sea and Mount Aions. The semi-mountainous steep terrain, and the limestone and gravely soils are very well suited to Robola, a variety that gained PDO status in 1982. The 180 hectares of vineyards are planted at an altitude of 300-800 metres.

Imported by Maltby & Greek 

Οrealios Gaea.jpg

Papagiannakos Winery

Region: Attica


Domaine Papagiannakos was established in 1919 in Mesogaia, Attica, one of the most important and historic winemaking regions of Greece. The winery is now run by third-generation winemaker, Vassilis Papagiannakos. At the outset, the Savatiano variety was the winery's sole focus, but other varieties have been introduced since. Papagiannakos is the first bioclimatic winery in Greece.


Imported by Boutinot 


Rouvalis Winery

Region: Aigialeia/Peloponnese


Rouvalis Winery was founded in Aigialeia in 1990 by Angelos Rouvalis, an Oenologist from a local vine-growing family. The estate is now run by Angelos’ daughter Theodora Rouvalis and husband Antonio Ruiz Pañego. The vineyards are planted on extremely steep terraces overlooking the Corinthian gulf at an average altitude of 862m.


Imported by Maltby & Greek 


Santo Wines

Region: Santorini


Santo Wines was founded in 1911 with the goal of protecting Santorini’s farmers through sustainable agricultural development. The promotion of local PDO Santorini products focusing mainly on wine was a key factor in the formation of the cooperative. Santo Wines built a state-of-the-art visiting centre and welcomes more than 500,000 visitors per year.

Imported by Agora Greek DelicaciesBibendum and Maltby & Greek

Santo Wines.jpg

Tselepos Winery

Region: Nemea/Peloponnese, Santorini


Yiannis and Amalia Tselepos founded Tselepos Estate in 1989 in the PDO zone of Mantinia, and now look after 65 hectares of vines. In 2003, Tselepos created the 9 hectare Driopi Estate in Koutsi, Nemea, where he focuses on Agiorgitiko. In 2013 the winery joined forces with the Chryssou family in Santorini, producing different expressions of Santorini wines.

Imported by Cava Spiliadis 


Vakakis Winery

Region: Samos Island


Vakakis Winery was established in 2011 and focuses on the indigenous varieties of Samos; mainly the white muscat grape planted at an altitude of 600-1000 metres.


Vakakis produces a range of nine wines made with Assyrtiko, Muscat, and the rare Black Muscat variety. A large percentage of the vineyards are cultivated organically.

Imported by Southern Wine Roads


Venetsanos Winery

Region: Santorini


Overlooking Santorini's caldera, the Venetsanos winery is located just above the port of Athinios. The Venetsanos family have been producing wine for generations and built the first industrial winery on the island in 1947. Initially, the wines were just made for the island, but are now widely exported.

Imported by Cava Spiliadis 


Avantis Estate

Region: Central Greece

Avantis Winery is a 20-hectare estate located on the island of Evia. Apostolos Mountrichas and his wife Lenga established the winery in 1994, although the Mountrihas family has been growing grapes since 1830. Their wines are made with indigenous and international varieties and the family has also established a second winery in Santorini.

Imported by Amathus Drinks and Treasures from Greece


Boutari Wineries

Region: Naoussa/Macedonia, Santorini, Crete


Boutari was first established in Naoussa in 1879 and is one of Greece’s most famous producers, with wineries also in Santorini, Mantinia, Goumenissa, Attica, and Crete. Boutari played a decisive role in preserving the Xinomavro variety and promoting the PDO regions of Naoussa, Santorini, and Mantinia.

Imported by Aspris & Son Ltd 


Diamantakis Winery

Region: Crete


Diamantakis boutique winery was founded in 2007 by third generation vine growers Ioannis, Michalis and winemaker Zacharias Diamantakis. Located just outside the village of Kato Asites at an altitude of 450m, the winery sits on the Eastern foothills of the Psiloritis mountain. The focus is largely on indigenous varieties such as Liatiko, Vidiano and Mandilaria.


Imported by Vindependents and Woodwinters Wines & Spirits


Domaine Costa Lazaridi

Region: Drama/Macedonia


Costa Lazaridis planted the first vineyard in Drama's Mount Falakro in 1979 and built the first modern winery in the region in 1986. Since 1992, the Domaine Costa Lazaridis has expanded from 100 acres to over 2800 acres across four sites. Additionally, a second winery called Oenotria Land was built in Attica in 2003.

Imported by Agora Greek DelicaciesVenus Wine & Spirit Merchants and Private Cellar Ltd


Douloufakis Winery

Region: Crete

Douloufakis was established in 1930 by Dimitris Douloufakis in Dafnes, a few kilometres south of Heraklion. The estate is now run by Dimitris’ grandson Nikolas, who trained in the oenology school of Alba in Italy.


Douloufakis owns 80 hectares of vineyards and focuses mainly on indigenous Cretan varieties such as Vidiano and Liatiko as well as some international varieties.

Imported by Maltby & Greek 


Gaia Wines

Region: Nemea, Santorini


The pioneering Gaia Estate was first established in 1994 by Greek agronomist Leon Karatsalos and agronomist and winemaker Yiannis Paraskevopoulos. Gaia has wineries in both Nemea and Santorini where they produce terroir-driven Agiorgitiko (Nemea) and Assyrtiko (Santorini).


Imported by Hallgarten & Novum Wines 


Idaia Winery

Region: Crete

Idaia Winery was founded by oenologists Vassilis Laderos and Kalliopi Volitaki in 2000. Their mission was to showcase the unique Cretan grape varieties and the diverse vineyards of the island. The family-owned winery is located in the heart of the Cretan vineyard in the Malevizio province, in the village of Venerato, south of Heraklion, within the PDO Dafnes viticultural zone. Today they produce around 130,000 bottles of wine.  

Imported by Hallgarten & Novum Wines 


Kir-Yianni Estate

Region: Naoussa/Macedonia


Kir-Yianni is situated in Macedonia, northwest Greece. It was founded in 1997 by Yiannis Boutaris, one of the leading figures in the Greek wine industry. Today, fifth-generation Stellios Boutaris runs the Estate with two wineries and vineyards spreading from Naoussa over to Amyndeon, on the western side of Mount Vermion.


Imported by Enotria & Coe 

Kir Yianni.jpeg

Ktima Gerovassiliou

Region: Epanomi/Macedonia


Ktima Gerovassiliou is the brainchild of Vangelis Gerovassiliou. In 1981, he started reviving the family vineyard extending over 2.5 hectares in the Papamola region of Epanomi. Today, that has grown to 100 hectares of vines, which are cultivated according to the ‘Integrated Management System’, which supports biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem. The Mediterreanean climate and sandy/calcareous soils allow Vangelis to create expressive, characterful wines.

Imported by Hallgarten & Novum Wines


Ktima Spiropoulos

Region: Mantinia/Peloponnese

The Spiropoulos family have been cultivating vines for five generations in the mountainous region of Arcadia. This modern winery was built in 1987 inside a traditional Arcadian stone tower. The family owns over 35 hectares of organically certified vineyards, mainly planted to Moschofilero. A second winery was built in 2007 in the Nemea PDO and focuses on 12 hectares of organically grown Agiorgitiko.


Imported by Amathus Drinks


Muses Estate

Region: Central Greece


Muses Estate was established in 2005 by third-generation winemakers Nikos, Stellios, and Panayiotis. The winery’s vineyards are located in the Valley of the Muses, in Viotia at the foot of Mount Helicon. Muses Estate works with both international and indigenous varieties including the rare Mouhtaro grape, grown only in this valley.


Imported by Hallgarten & Novum Wines 

Muses Estate Vineyards.jpg

Oeno P

Region: Santorini

Founded in 2020 by Paris Sigalas, OENO Π is a boutique winery focused on crafting high-quality wines that express the unique complexity of Santorini's volcanic terroir.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience in the region, Sigalas seeks to unlock the vineyard's full potential, venturing beyond established traditions. Limited production (20,000 bottles annually) ensures meticulous attention to detail and exceptional quality.

Imported by Maltby & Greek


Ousyra Winery

Region: Syros


Ousyra Winery, a family-run establishment on Syros, crafts handcrafted, terroir-driven wines from exceptionally rare indigenous Cycladic grape varieties. Passionate about the terroir, they focus on organically farmed, ungrafted vines that thrive on steep slopes carved into the mountain. With a small yet passionate team boasting years of experience in the world of wine, Ousyra Winery is dedicated to producing distinctive and authentic Cycladic wines.

Imported by Maltby & Greek 

OUSYRA 1.jpg

Parparoussis Winery

Region: Achaia/Peloponnese


Parparoussis Winery was founded in 1974 in Achaia by Oenologist Athanassios Parparoussis and is now run by Athanassios and his daughters Erifili and Dimitra. The winery is located at the family estate in Bozaitika, Patras. The privately owned vineyards include 10 hectares in Movri Achaias and Bozaitikia and they produce Assyrtiko, Athiri, Sideritis, Mavrodaphne, and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Imported by Cava Spiliadis 


Samartzis Estate Wines

Region: Central Greece


The Samartzis family-owned vineyards and winery are located in the communities of Askre and Vagia, on the southern slopes of Mount Helicon in Viotia. The estate’s vineyards are planted at an altitude of 350-550 metres with Kontoura white (rare clone of Savatiano), Savatiano, Malagousia, the local red Mouhtaro, and some international varieties.


Imported by Tanners Wines


Sigalas Winery

Region: Santorini


Sigalas Winery, founded in 1991 by visionary Paris Sigalas is located in the plain of Oia, on the volcanic terroir of Santorini. Paris was closely connected with the development of the Santorini vineyard and the rise of Santorini wines to international stardom. The winery works with 40 hectares of vines, focusing mainly on Assyrtiko.


Imported by Enotria & Coe 


Union Of Cooperatives Of Samos

Region: Samos Island


The history of wine making in Samos dates back to early antiquity. Founded in 1934 by Samos vine growers and farmers, the aim of this cooperative is the preservation of viticulture and trade. The cooperative is the largest in Greece with over 2,000 members focusing mainly on different expressions and styles of the local white muscat of Samos.

Imported by Eclectic Wines 


Vassaltis Vineyards

Region: Santorini


Created in 2015, Vassaltis is the youngest independent winery on the island of Santorini. As a boutique winery, Vassaltis focuses on small-scale production of high-quality wines from the island’s indigenous varieties. The aim is to showcase the unique terroir of the island through various different vinifications while pushing the boundaries of tradition into a new era. The estate cultivates 25ha of vineyards and annual production varies between 70,000 and 90,000 bottles, depending on the vintage.

Imported by Flint Wines

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