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Wineries seeking representation

Antonopoulos K. Vineyards 

Region: Peloponnese

Antonopoulos K. Vineyards, founded in 1987 by Konstantinos Antonopoulos, explores the untapped potential of Greece’s mountainous Achaia region. Situated at 750-900m altitude, the vineyards boast a unique exposure with a microclimate fostering long grape maturation. The rugged topography, low yields (less than 1kg per vine), and excellent water drainage create an ideal environment for grape maturation, resulting in elegant wines with perfectly balanced acidity.

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Jima Winery

Region: Epirus

Founded in 2013 by Panos Jimas and his wife, JIMA is a family-run boutique winery crafting high-quality, gastronomic, terroir-driven wines in Epirus, Greece. Across three unique vineyard sites, they cultivate indigenous and international grape varieties including Gewurztraminer, Vertzami, Debina, and Vlahiko. Passionate about excellence, Panos (a DipWSET-certified winemaker) embraces biodiversity and organic practices, avoiding the use of pesticides, herbicides or machine ploughing.

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Noema Winery

Region: Amyndeo/ Macedonia


Noema Winery is based in the most remote, mountainous PDO region of Amyndeon, Macedonia. The winery was established by American investor David Wittig. Noema is one of Greece’s newest wineries producing distinctive expressions of the Xinomavro variety which flourishes in this region.

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Wine Art Estate

Region: Macedonia


Founded in 1993 by friends Yiannis Papadopoulos and Yiannis Kalaitzidis, Wine Art Estate crafts crystal-clear, expressive wines in Drama, Greece. Led by Bordeaux-trained oenologist Akis Papadopoulos, they source grapes from cool-climate, estate-owned vineyards to showcase the region's unique mesoclimate. This results in a diverse portfolio of excellent quality wines, featuring both renowned Greek varieties like Assyrtiko, Malagousia, Agiorgitiko, Xinomavro, and Limniona alongside select international grapes.

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Castro Clauss

Region: Peloponnese

Nestled on the outskirts of Patras, CASTRO Clauss cultivates grapes on nutrient-rich sand-clay soil. Cool winds and warm days during ripening season create distinctive, aromatic wines. The winemaking process, done by hand with small oak barrels and a wooden hydraulic hand-press, embraces old methods and a minimal-intervention philosophy. The focus is on showcasing the intricacies of each variety by working with them individually and experimenting with different styles of wine.

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Kechris Winery

Region: Macedonia

Kechris, a family-run winery in Thessaloniki, has crafted top-quality Retsina since 1911. Merging tradition with innovation, they offer unique and distinctive Retsinas, such as: Kechribari, a dynamic and balanced fresh option; Afros, slightly hazy and fizzy; Roza, a unique rosé barrel-aged Xinomavro; and The Tear of the Pine, a barrel-aged Assyrtiko that’s perfect for food pairing and has aging potential. They also have a range of classic wines, showcasing Northern Greece’s distinctive terroir under PGIs Macedonia and Slopes of Paiko. 

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KECHRIS Winery -Vines.JPG

Palivou Estate

Region: Nemea/Peloponnese

Palivou Estate was established in 1995 by George Palivos in Ancient Nemea, an area continuously producing wine for 3500 years.

The estate has 40 hectares of organically cultivated vineyards focusing mainly on Agiorgitiko but also Roditis, Moschofilero, Malagousia, and some international varieties. Today the estate is run by the founders’ daughters, Evangelia and Vassiliki.


If you would like to request samples please contact

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